Gjalga (dishliquid) wrote in advanced_humans,

Hello and welcome to Advanced Humans. If you don't like the name of this community, you can vote to have the name changed, all democratic-like.

The purpose of this community is to allow GBA users to have a platform where they can talk about their favorite games, their high scores (yeah sure all your characters in FF Tactics Adv are all level 99. You can't even level up that high), their favorite strategies... More importantly, the idea is to network with other GBA users, in order to find linking partners for trading items and characters, unlocking special features abilities and items, and, most importantly, duking it out.

You will not be made fun of for playing Pokemon. But we draw the line at Yugi-Oh. Seriously. Anyone who's name ends with "Oh" should be avoided at all costs. Especially when they wear their underwear on the outside.

As shall be the custom from here on out, when introducing yourself, tell us what city and state you live in, so if other members are from the same area you can get together and link. Don't be shy. It's not required, but we will all point at you and laugh.
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